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Athletic Brewing Tropical Reset - 6 pack

Athletic Brewing Tropical Reset - 6 pack

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Experience the essence of an island getaway with Tropical Reset – a flawless fusion of tropical flavors and fragrances that transports you to the sandy shores with just one sip. Inspired by the classic Piña Colada, Tropical Reset embodies the perfect balance of taste, creating a moment of pure relaxation and escape. Bursting with pineapple, coconut, and notes of citrus, this slightly sweet brew has a smooth, tart, and delicate finish. Whether you find yourself at home or on a sun-kissed beach, crack open an ice-cold Tropical Reset and embark on a journey of blissful unwinding and rejuvenation.

<0.5% ABV, 100 calories

INGREDIENTS: Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Oats, Pineapple, Coconut, Lactose, Hops, Yeast

Contains: Wheat, Lactose, Coconut

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