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Cheeky Agave Margarita Mocktail Kit

Cheeky Agave Margarita Mocktail Kit

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Introducing the Non-Alcoholic Cheeky Agave Margarita, a refreshing twist on a beloved classic. Crafted with Ritual Tequila Alternative, Cheeky Agave, and All The Bitter Orange bitters, this mocktail embodies the vibrant spirit of a traditional margarita, without the alcohol. Savor the smoky and bitey flavors of Ritual Tequila Alternative, the natural sweetness of Cheeky Agave, and the zesty complexity of All The Bitter Orange bitters, as you indulge in this guilt-free mocktail experience that's sure to transport you to a sun-soaked fiesta.

What’s Included: Makes up to 15 mocktails

  • Ritual Non Alcoholic Tequila Alternative 750 mL / 25.4 fl oz- 0 calories - A green pepper nose and a grassy body, tempered with a hint of rock salt and backed by a clean burn. Made for margaritas, it’s the highest-rated spirit alternative in the world, with 98 Points.
  • Cheeky Agave 4 oz - Agave is sweeter than sugar, and more neutral in flavor than honey. Cheeky agave is made in a three-to-one ratio (three parts agave to one part water.) So whenever a recipe calls for simple syrup, use a bit less Cheeky Agave.
  • All The Bitters Orange 4 oz - Crafted with three varieties of orange peel plus cardamom, coriander, and lemon balm for a profile that's as much warm and herbal as it is zesty.
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  • Non Alcoholic Agave Margarita


    • 2 ounces Ritual Tequila Alternative
    • Juice of one lime
    • ½ ounce Cheeky Agave
    • 5 full droppers All The Bitter Orange bitters
    • Small pinch of salt
    • Optional: add 2-3 ounces of soda water to give it some fizz


    • Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice (including Bitters)
    • Shake, shake, shake
    • Pour into a cocktail glass with fresh ice
    • Garnish with a lime wheel

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