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Cherry Balsamic Manhattan Mocktail Kit

Cherry Balsamic Manhattan Mocktail Kit

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Introducing the Manhattan Bliss - a Cherry Balsamic Manhattan Mocktail Kit. An exquisite concoction that pays homage to the classic Manhattan cocktail while embracing the world of non-alcoholic indulgence. Elevate your evening with this thoughtfully curated kit featuring top-tier ingredients, ensuring a sophisticated, alcohol-free experience that's second to none. This kit also makes the perfect gift for those celebrating the holidays, sober.

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative: At the heart of this kit is the star of the show – Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative. Crafted with precision and passion, this exceptional whiskey alternative replicates the rich, smoky notes of traditional whiskey without the alcohol. Experience the complex layers of vanilla, oak, and a subtle hint of spice that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Manhattan, all while staying completely alcohol-free.

Starlino Cherries: Elevate your Manhattan Bliss mocktail with the tantalizing addition of Starlino Cherries. These lush, plump cherries have been expertly marinated in a sumptuous syrup that balances the tartness with a touch of sweetness. Pop one into your glass, and let it infuse your mocktail with a burst of fruity decadence, reminiscent of a classic Manhattan garnish.

Cherry Dark Balsamic: Give your mocktail complexity with the Cherry Dark Balsamic, adding a delightful depth of flavor. The interplay of sweet and tangy notes from the balsamic vinegar and the cherries complements the Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative beautifully, creating a harmonious blend that's both balanced and intriguing.

All the Bitters Orange and Aromatic: The secret to the perfect Manhattan lies in its bitters, and our kit includes the exceptional All the Bitters Orange and Aromatic. These handcrafted bitters add a dash of depth to your mocktail, echoing the traditional Manhattan's aromatic sophistication. A few drops of these bitters will infuse your mocktail with a symphony of orange zest and warming spices, ensuring every sip is a delightful journey for your senses.

With the Manhattan Bliss Mocktail Kit, you're not just creating a drink – you're crafting an experience. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply unwinding after a long day, this kit invites you to savor the taste of Manhattan without the alcohol. Elevate your mocktail game and indulge in the sophisticated world of non-alcoholic mixology. Cheers to blissful moments and unforgettable flavors!

What’s Included:

  • Ritual Non Alcoholic Whiskey Alternative 750 mL / 25.4 fl oz- 5 calories - The oak, smoke, caramel and comforting warmth of whiskey, without the alcohol or calories. Overtones of vanilla and oak, with notes of stone fruit and caramel, finishing with a pleasant heat.
  • Multi-Award Winning - All The Bitters Aromatic 4 oz - Bold and spicy, the Aromatic bitters is loaded with cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Deep, earthy flavors are lifted by ginger and a backbone of bitter gentian.
  • Multi-Award Winning - All The Bitters Orange 4 oz - Crafted with three varieties of orange peel plus cardamom, coriander, and lemon balm for a profile that's as much warm and herbal as it is zesty. 
  • Hotel Starlino Luxury Italian Maraschino Cherries 14.1oz - Line up this beautiful jar next to the shaker bottle and whiskey glasses to complete your home bar in flavored style.
  • Sante Fe Olive Oil & Balsamic Co Cherry Dark Balsamic 60mL / 2.03 fl oz
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  • Non Alcoholic Cherry Balsamic Manhattan


    • 2 ounces Ritual Whiskey Alternative
    • 2 full droppers All The Bitter Aromatic bitters
    • 2 full droppers All The Bitter Orange bitters
    • 1 barspoon (tsp) Starlino Maraschino cherry syrup
    • 1 barspoon (tsp) Cherry Balsamic Vinegar


    • Add Ritual Whiskey Alternative, ATB Aromatic and Orange bitters, syrup and balsamic vinegar to a mixing glass with ice and stir until thoroughly chilled
    • Strain into a chilled coupe glass or a Nick and Nora glass
    • Garnish with a Starlino Maraschino cherry

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