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Ready To Drink Bundle

Ready To Drink Bundle

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Introducing our Beach Bliss Mocktail Bundle—a delightful collection of ready-to-drink mocktails designed to elevate your beach, pool, or camping experience. Each vibrant ready made mocktail in a can contains a refreshing fusion of carefully crafted flavors, delivering the perfect balance of summertime goodness.

Dive into the fruity notes of exotic mocktails, conveniently packaged for on-the-go enjoyment, and savor the sun-kissed bliss wherever your adventure takes you.

Our specifically curated summer ready to drink mocktail kit includes the most popular non alcoholic craft cocktails in a can like Parch Agave Mocktail Prickly Paloma, De Soi Champignon Dreams and De Soi Golden Hour Apéritif. 

Add Ritual Tequila to make your Paloma even spicier. 

What’s included:

12 - 8 oz cans:

  • 4-pack 8.4 oz cans - Parch Non Alcoholic Agave Cocktail Prickly Paloma is made with desert botanicals and adaptogens. A citrus and bittersweet cocktail that showcases the lively pairing of organic blue weber agave, prickly pear cactus fruit, grapefruit & orange bitters, jicama and lime juice, floral-tart hibiscus and desert botanicals. 70 calories per glass. 
  • 4-pack 8 oz cans - Champignon Dreams. Katy Perry was onto something really special with her ready to drink mocktail line De Soi. Champignon Dreams is vegan and gluten-free. Made with a dreamy duo of reishi mushroom and passion flower. Juicy and balanced, this apéritif has notes of sticky summer strawberries, bitter grapefruit, and earth for a good time in a glass. Only 35 calories per glass.
  • 4-pack 8 oz cans - Golden hour aperitif is vegan and gluten free. Made with maca and l-theanine derived from green tea, botanicals known to spur creativity. Bright and bracing, each sunny sip has notes of warm citrus, lemongrass, and leafy herbs. Full of zest. Only 35 calories per glass.
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